What should we pay attention to after extraction?
Column:Oral Knowledge Time:2019-01-24

Extraction of teeth is one of the most common treatments in stomatology. Because the oral cavity has important functions such as eating and speaking, and there are hundreds of bacteria in the oral cavity under normal conditions, it is inevitable to bring inconvenience to daily life after tooth extraction, improper nursing may also cause infection, aggravate swelling, pain and other symptoms, and increase the pain after tooth extraction. So what should we pay attention to after extraction? How can we make the wound heal quickly?



1. Yarn bite for half an hour

After extraction, the doctor will place a gauze over the extraction socket to allow the patient to bite tightly to press the hemostasis. Generally, patients without abnormal coagulation function can stop bleeding by biting the gauze for half an hour in a quiet state. If the biting time is too long, it is easy to bring blood clot when the gauze is spit out, and cause bleeding again.


2. Postoperative Diet

Because of the effect of anesthetics, it is easy to bite the tongue, lips and oral mucosa immediately after tooth extraction, so it takes 2 hours to eat again. On the day of tooth extraction, avoid eating too hot, too hard and spicy food, mainly warm or cold semi-fluid and fluids, try to chew with the other side. Pay attention to supplement nutrition, eat more protein and vitamin food. Within a week after tooth extraction, do not smoke or drink.


3. Don't rinse your mouth within 24 hours after operation

When the gauze was spit out half an hour after tooth extraction, the blood clot in the tooth extraction wound had formed. Repeated spitting, sucking, or gargling can cause clots to fall off and re-bleed. Therefore, do not rinse and brush your teeth within 24 hours of tooth extraction, and do not lick the wound with your tongue frequently. Within 24 hours, the saliva contains blood silk, which is a normal phenomenon. The saliva should be swallowed as far as possible.


4. Hot and cold compress

If extraction is more difficult, such as wisdom teeth extraction, 24-48 hours after the proposed corresponding parts of the cheek cold compress, can alleviate pain and swelling response. Every 20 minutes of cold compress, rest for 20 minutes, so alternately. If the swelling is obvious, it can be hot compressed after 48 hours to accelerate the disappearance of swelling. Generally, the swelling can be basically eliminated after 7 days.


5. Analgesia and anti-inflammation

Generally difficult to extract the teeth after surgery is prone to pain, pain can obviously take analgesic drugs, such as Sanli pain, Fenbide and so on. Follow the doctor's advice to decide whether to use antibiotics and the time to use them. Complex tooth extraction, such as impacted wisdom teeth, usually requires antibiotics after extraction.


6. Rest after tooth extraction

Within three days after tooth extraction, do not do strenuous exercise, rest more to ensure physical recovery. It is also not suitable for flying, in order to avoid tooth extraction and bleeding.



7. Oral nursing 24 hours after tooth extraction

After extraction, people can brush their teeth and gargle 24 hours normally. Some people are afraid to brush their teeth because they are afraid of wound infection. This can easily lead to poor oral hygiene and wound infection. After meals, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or saline water. Especially, pay attention to cleaning up the food residues that fall into the mandibular alveolar fossa.


If there is obvious discomfort after extraction, you can seek the help of a doctor. If bleeding is vomited in large mouth on the day of tooth extraction, it is necessary to stop bleeding in time; if the swelling reaction is obvious after operation or accompanied by elevated body temperature, the patient should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment; if there is pain in tooth extraction wound 3 days or more after tooth extraction, timely reexamination is needed to check whether there is infection in tooth extraction wound; if there is suture in wound, the suture can be removed at 7-10 days after operation.


Everyone's reaction after extraction is different, there is no comparability, so don't compare the situation after extraction with others. Scientific and calm treatment, correct nursing is the best choice.

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